Why can’t I get the advertised speed and performance when in Ad-Hoc mode? This ensures that bottlenecks do not take place between your computer’s CPU and the wireless interface. Select the transmission rate for the network. Typical ranges vary depending on the types of materials and background RF radio frequency noise in your home or business. Please refer to websites such as http: Open System – Communicates the key across the network. Input a new number if you want to change the default setting.

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With the DWL-GAP, bandwidthintensive applications like graphics or multimedia will benefit dlink air plus because large files are able dlink air plus move across the network quickly. To take full advantage of the high 54Mbps network bandwidth, this adapter uses the bit high-speed CardBus design to transfer network data to your host computer. All devices on a network must share the same SSID name in order doink communicate on the network.

When you click Click here to check Last Page – The last page of the log.


Setting the fragmentation threshold too low may result in poor performance. The current system settings can be saved as a file onto the local hard drive. Enhanced security dlink air plus provided with Wi-Fi Protected Access to authorize and identify users based on a secret key that changes automatically at a regular interval.


Long Preamble is the default setting. Specs Download the datasheet. Select bit or bit WEP encryption. Select this option if you are manually assigning an IP Address. Each device must also have the same subnet mask. High traffic networks should dlink air plus the shorter preamble type.

Re-enter the password to confirm it. SSID is a name that identifies a wireless network. Select Enabled or Disabled. Open Plis – Communicates the key across the network.

In the following window, select the best dlink air plus of your computer. Easy Migration to Higher Doink By maintaining compatibility with your existing wireless network equipment, the DWLAP lets you upgrade to a higher speed at the pace you want. A wall that is 1. Management decisions based on real-time information can significantly improve worker efficiency. Disabled is the default setting.

It features enhanced security to shield and protect your wireless connection from intruders. With high data transfer rates, better security and built-in bridge function, this device is the ideal wireless solution that offers an upgrade to a fast, dlink air plus technology while protecting your past investments through dlink air plus with your current network equipment.

This insures much greater security than the standard WEP security, which requires the keys to dlink air plus changed manually. If the device is rebooted, the logs are automatically cleared. For a typical wireless setup at home as shown aboveplease do the following: Next – Moves forward one log page.


D-Link Technical Support

Actual product appearance may differ from the image displayed on this page. This will allow you to stay on-line and access files and resources securely, for a mimimum of investment. The preamble defines the length of the CRC block Cyclic Redundancy Check is a common dlink air plus for detecting data transmission errors used in communication between the access point and the wireless network adapters.

Assign the first computer an IP address of Support First Time Setting Up? Powerful performance To take full advantage of the high 54Mbps network bandwidth, this adapter uses the bit high-speed CardBus design to transfer network data to your host computer. Innovative ways to utilize WLAN technology are dlink air plus people to work and communicate more efficiently.

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